• Fundacija za šport
  • About project

    SPORTIKUS is an acronym developed by dr. Milan Hosta in y. 2000.

    SPORTIKUS is a didactical tool designed to support and enhance the educational and moral values of sport.

    SPORTIKUS is EU White Paper on Sport in 9 capital letters.

    SPORTIKUS is a unique social intervention where the ethical sensitivity and moral hygiene are needed.

    SPORTIKUS is a unique and complete solution to actively participate in a global efforts for common good.

    Target groups

    • Sport trainers
    • Physical education teachers and leisure experts
    • Sport managers
    • Athletes of all ages and abilities, parents

    Risk groups:

    • young athletes and staff in elite sport with overemphasis on winning,
    • ethnic minorities and other discriminated parties (handicapped, special needs etc.),
    • sports with negative environmental impact,
    • sport fans and ultras, youth with drug and alcohol problems,
    • socially and economically excluded groups, physically inactive groups (overweight youth).

    Concept and ideology

    The project is conceptually open and ideologically consistent in following the idea of sustainable development of/through sport. With this we enable the national coordinators to adjust the activities to their needs, interests and resources, still keeping the core values of the project that are set by the main office and coordinators on international level.

    “The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of great moral crises

    maintain their neutrality.”

     Dante Aleghieri