• Fundacija za šport
  • About us

    Sportikus team has been operating since 2001. Several key satellites are cruising around its core, which provides a specific gravity of the projects that we create. Our work includes many of priceless assistants, trainees and volunteers, that shine like stars in our Universe.

    We are an open group, who generated Sportikus to contribute to the development of sport and to maintain basic human values, encouraging participation, and to preserve sport as a means of education, entertainment and health.

    Head of Sportikus: Dr. Milan Hosta

    • professor of ethics in sport and olympism at University of Primorska FENIKS (Faculty of Kinesiology and Ergonomic Studies), a specialist in philosophy of sport. The author of Ethics in Sport; A Manifesto for 21st Century and co-author of Sports Morality books. Participant and organizer of many professional trainings at home and internationally.


    Dr. Stanko Pinter, senior adviser

    • is a professor in the field of motor learning at the Faculty of Sport, University of Ljubljana, Slovenian Deputy Ambassador for Sport, Tolerance and Fair Play in Sport, and longtime member and director (2006-2010) of Slovene Olympic Academy. He is co-author of Sports Morality book, a member of the Commission for Fair Play at the  National football Association and Slovene Olympic academy. His strategic input into our actions is above any comparison – pure devotion straight from the heart.

    mag. Maja Smrdu, expert assistant

    • is a psychologist employed at a Psychiatric Clinic Ljubljana, and an expert in the field of sport psychology. Maja contributed the lion’s share of the Sports Morality book, and is now finishing a PhD in phenomenology of fair play. Maja completed a postgraduate specialization in the field of Olympism at International Olympic Academy in Olympia, Greece.

    mr. Bojan Jurovič, Consultant

    • has been the director of former Institute of Fair Play and Tolerance in Sport (now called Spolint Institute) from 2003 to 2011. Bojan was the facilitator and manager of many campaigns on the social role of sport. Under his leadership we first introduced FARE action in 2005 in Slovenia, and started a Fair Play Day action in 2007. He is a member of the Commission for Fair Play in the National Football Association and Slovene Olympic Academy.

    The Sportikus is a program run by Spolint, Institute for the development of sport, which is from 2011, the legal successor of the Institute of fair play and tolerance in sport.