• Fundacija za šport
  • Playground for Anyone

    Starting point:

    • Which prejudices can be found within the sport?
    • Playground rules – rule of power or friendly handshake?
    • What can I do to fight discrimination?
    • What is ecology of cohabitation and what is democracy?

    Sport can be a field or source of discrimination, intolerance and violence. However at the same time we can use it as field of tolerance and integration of different. Through sport we can learn how to respect different, arising from different nationalities, sexual orientation, lifestyle, opinions and beliefs. Module »Playground for Anyone« is a great tool for raising awarness amoung youth about the problems posed by the lack of understanding of social dynamics.

    Reflection for debate:

    • Discrimination as position of power of a group, intolerance as lack of respect and violence as a child in this family.