• Fundacija za šport
  • Doping? No thanks!

    Starting points:

    • What is your attitude towards drugs and doping?
    • What is the impact of doping on health?
    • How much are you willing to sacrifice to attain your goals?
    • Are genetically modified athletes the reality of tomorrow?

    Searching and ensuring of competitive advantage in sport is always limited by the rules of the game. This is why some means and approaches are allowed and others are not. Doping as the use of illegal substances does is not one of the preferred approaches to ensure the competitive advantage and it is therefore in contrary to the spirit of sport.

    Arguments in favor of the fight against doping are incontestable: it injurious to health and it is an unfair, unnatural, vicisous act that corrupts the reputation of sport. Anyone who wants to compete is bound to abide the anti-doping rules set by the World Anti-doping Agency, established in 1999.

    Question for discussion:

    • Can doping leads to self-destruction of sport?