• Fundacija za šport
  • Fair play protocol

    The Fair Play protocol involves all stakeholders in the competition – players, coaches, referees and spectators. The Protocol commits participants to follow the moral principles of a good competition.

    Project started in 2003, supported by the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports and Sports Association for Children and Youth of Slovenia. Protocol was first used at the semifinals and final-rounds of elementary and secondary schools competitions on national level. Protocol itself serves as a mind-setting tool prior to competition in order to articulate the moral aims of the sport.

    In 2009, the Fair Play Protocol spread beyond the school sports fields, to the first Slovenian football league, the Champions League in volleyball, national and international competitions in ice hockey, world ski jumping events in Planica, mini Olympics and Olympic runs, to people with special needs and other events.

    Protocol includes the pledge from athletes, judges, organizers, educators and trainers  to aim for fair competition. The sounds of fair play anthem (song Adi Smolar Do not forget the fair play) plays when a  six participants bring the Sportikus Fair Play flag in front.