• Fundacija za šport
  • Fair play day

    … is a Sports festival organized by Spolint since 2007. It  aims to  entertain participants, socialize, and promote values such as friendship, fair play, tolerance and peace.

    The festival takes place by the end of the september each year, to celebrate the

    • International Day of Peace
    • World Heart Day
    • FIFA Fair Play Day

    Fair Play Day – The Heart of Sport  is socially engaged action that use sport to aim for general-human values such as peace, health and participation.  The following values solidarity between generations, social responsibility and playfulness, will be  particularly emphasized in 2012.

    The event encourages collaboration between important societal stakeholders. Among the important objectives of the event, in addition to efforts to increase the proportion of physically active  population and increasing social cohesion, the promotion of appropriate fair play, tolerance and peace is among our priorities. This event is aimed to influence the greater consistency and quality of dialogue between all social groups – youth, elderly, homeless, ethnic groups, etc.

    The festival includes a presentation of various forms of active leisure to enable all participants to actively join the sporting spirit.

    Fair Play Day is fun! Socializing with famous athletes and celebrities and quality sports program for all ages.

    From previous years: